Yes, we can!

The number of individual investors after the 2008 recession exploded. If before the number was around 40% it almost doubled after. With the rise of technology, the gap between professional money managers and individuals it’s smaller than ever, it became much easier for the regular individuals to access information with few clicks and manage their own accounts. Why pay commissions when you can do it in a way that reflects your style and personality?

We are here to guide you, to provide trade and portfolio management ideas. We encourage that your choice of investing should reflect your beliefs. If you care about nature, environment maybe you should check first ESG (environmental, social and governance) standards for example. Or if you are vegetarian maybe an investing in Beyond Meat(BYND) makes more sense than one investing in McDonald’s (MCD). Because don’t forget the meaning of buying a stock, that money is going to be used by the company to fund their activity. So, be bold and make your research to be sure that company activity aligns with your standards and principles or let us do it.

We can’t stress enough about the importance of trading options, to include them in your portfolio. The options are complex and the learning curve is steeper than to stocks. But it is well worth it and the luxury to decide how much exposure to have for a certain stock is priceless. Not to mention that portfolio management becomes exponentially easier to do.