Video games sales across the world

In this post the work was done using Python, Power BI and Excel.

Let’s start with Python and explore the data:


Here are Excel pivot tables which conclusions were used in the above Python program:



Further we used the data we cleaned and optimized in Python to construct a dashboard in Power BI. But not having a paid licence at the moment, it wasn’t an option to embed it in the blog as a dashboard, just as a PDF. 🙁


It comes now very handy to draw the conclusions which will improve the business decisions:

  • Over the last few years there is decrease in the games which have crossed 100K copies sales.
  • In fact last 5-6 years has seen decrease in the revenue.
  • Nintendo is the top most publisher by revenue.
  • Action is the top most genre by revenue.
  • Play Station is the most popular platform.
  • EA is the top most publisher by number of releases.
  • Platform Genre generated most revenue per release.
  • Wii Sports is the top most game by revenue.
  • North America and Europe contribute 75% of the market share by revenue.
  • Japan is crazy about role-playing games. It’s the only category in which has the highest sales.