On-Page SEO

Copywriting and Content Creation

Your website’s amazing content is at the core of organic traffic and link building. In order to create relevant and meaningful content with a purpose, is necessary to know your customers and be brand-crafted. We use our copywriting skills to optimize the metadata, title and heading tags.

Google Analytics

The use of analytics is imperious to understand how your customer relates to your site. Use a clustering machine learning algorithm when customer segmentation is recommended. This to create one or more customer persona.


To complement the results from Google Analytics and relate your brand better to their needs.

Keyword Research

Once we know your customer persona we can define the keyword goals for organic traffic. The keywords need to be relevant for every stage of the sales funnel in order to increase customer conversion. Competition, trend & market research is necessary at this stage.

User Experience & A/B Testing

To find the right approach which resonates with your customers.

Image & Video Optimization

To increase the loading speed of the website.